Web VR Camp, Truba


“Like the transition from sharing text to photos and now videos, virtual reality is the future”

Mark Zuckerberg

The WebVR Camp event was organised at Truba Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Bhopal.

Around 50 students participated.
Me, Kushaghra Varade, Mukesh Pathak and Amit Roy were the community members who were present there.
Kushaghra started the event with Introduction to Mozilla, the community Mozilla India, WebVR and A-Frame. After which, a sample code of a webpage was displayed to the students for the basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML tags before the hands-on. This gave students an idea about what they will be doing.

For the hands-on, firstly, students were asked to make a sample frame with their imagination. Some of them took reference of the aframe.io website while some tried more creative ideas. Some students who were completely new to the VR tech. were amazed on viewing frames created by them.

A short Q and A session was then held where students interacted with the speakers about the session and swags were distributed. Also students gave feedback for the event and it seems that they liked it. Many students approached personally to ask doubts or to give appreciation.

In a nutshell, the event was successful. The students learned new tech which not only they admire but were also motivated to contribute further in the project.

More pictures can be found on Drive


Hour Of Code – Bhopal , 2016


“Learning to speak the language of information gives you the power to transform the world.”

Peter Denning


The Hour Of Code kicked off with a series of events in Bhopal targeting students from schools to college.

Hour Of Code – HOC is an initiative taken by Hadi Partovi founder of Code.Org. It is organised every year during the Computer Science Education Week (5 – 10 Dec).

Code.org – An organization which initiated the HOC with the aim to spread Computer Science awareness among the students.

Day 1 / 9-12-16 

Organised at SIRTS, Bhopal. Where more than 70 students gathered to learn about coding.
Session was started with an introduction of HOC and Mozilla. Following with the presentation and a tutorial of Minecraft. People here were then taught basics of HTML and JavaScript demonstrating them about how to create a web page using these languages.

The event was started with an introduction by Srijan Tiwari, giving information about  what is coding and why its is important in the 21st century . Following the introduction, I gave a presentation on what is Hour Of Code, Code.org and Computer Science Education Week. A sneak peek  on Minecraft was also given. After which, Divyansh Batham taught basics of HTML and JS and explained how to create a simple web page. Following the tutorial, Mukesh Pathak explained the Minecraft tutorial to the students.

After the presentation and the tutorial, participants asked several doubts also responded our questions too. The event was wrapped up with swag distribution and a group photo.



Images: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3SN8S33GtbqN2UxTHdiMzJ4M0E


Day 2 / 10-12-16

Organised at St. John’s School, Bhopal. The audience consist of students from 5th to 8th grade. As the students were pretty new to computer science and coding, They were taught the very basics of programming. Students were given a basic idea of Open Source and Mozilla and its mission.

The Minecraft tutorial was demonstrated by the volunteers as its very simple and easy to understand by students. Students were equally responsive to the tutorials and the question followed up with it.

Team Hack for Bhopal played a key role in organizing the HOC in both the location. We served around 150 students in both the days. This also helped us to recruit some new Mozillians. At the end, it feels good to teach.


Images: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3SN8S33GtbqWVRDUzljWi1xTVk

WordPress Awareness @ Truba


“The power of open source is the power of people. The people rule. “
Philippe Kahn

The quote by Philippe Kahn has always been an inspiration for me to contribute and spread awareness about open source.

On 29th April, me and my fellow club leads from different Firefox clubs and our local Take Back The Web team TFC Intimite gathered and hosted an event about Mozilla , Its mission and WordPress.

Vidit sharma ( FxLNCT ) initiated with the introduction to open source and Mozilla. Which was further extended with the introduction to FSA program and contribution areas.
After which I , Rishabh Chandrayan (TRUBA Fx, Lead “TFC Intimite”) started introducing WordPress the open source CMS. There were some people who were surprised to know that WordPress is way more exciting than what they used.
Carrying forward the pace, Aditya Shah (Fx Oriental) explained how to make basic websites using WordPress.org .He explained about creating and hosting the website for free without writing a single line of code. Throughout the workshop, all the team members of TFC Intimite helped all the students with there websites.

People were pretty amazed when they saw a website being build without any sort of coding and were equally excited to build one by themselves.
About 80 students attended the workshop and I bet all of them are more confident making websites of there own from then.

After the event we distributed some swag and clicked pictures. Unfortunately because of very low light we were unable to have enough photos but still…. the event rocked 😀 😛

So, at the end we finished with several websites built by attendees and loads of appreciation.

More photos can be found on Flickr

Privacy Month Meetup


” Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite. “
– Marlon Brando

The above thought by Actor Marlon Brando clearly signifies that privacy matters. And we, the people of virtual world need to priorities our privacy at the first place.

Following the privacy month campaign, an initiative by Mozilla India community to aware people about the importance of privacy and how to protect it.
We organized a Meetup “End of the year and Privacy month Meetup”.
Well, its a little late for organizing an end of the year Meetup because most of the people were busy with the university exams so we decided it to be organized at the end of January.

Firstly we discussed about the ongoing privacy campaign and the activities which were done throughout the month.

*Reaching out to schools to #TeachTheWeb

*Educate people about there. Online Privacy

*Help people to know how to be safe online

*And let people learn how can they improve there Internet experience.

Also, we all discussed about different organization who are taking measures to protect privacy like Mozilla (specially), duck duck go search engine , The Onion Router (Tor) project , etc.
These things were new to some people as well as some of us were already using these products.

Basically this Meetup was to discuss our future plans for Firefox clubs and activities and of-course spread knowledge about the importance of online privacy and how to save it, too students and common people. Also this Meetup was the source for making of WordPress community Bhopal, a community of people for an open source organization called WordPress foundation.

Club leads from different college of Bhopal gathered and discussed , how to increase community participation and build a productive community. This Meetup was also a great get together of club leads of different clubs and also developed a strong bonding between us.

We ended up with new decisions, new friends, new goals and new responsibilities ahead.


#TeachTheWeb by Truba Firefox Club


I’ve heard somewhere that ” Educating a child is the best gift you can give to the society

On the day of 7 November, Me with my fellow teammates of Truba Firefox Club, went to a public co-ed school to #TeachTheWeb.

The school has very less computer and internet facilities and therefore there was very less knowledge of web and its uses. As we reached there and addressed the students, we got a great response full of enthusiasm.

We started with a brief introduction of internet and Mozilla, its mission and vision. Explained different projects lead by Mozilla and the Community. All students were equally responsive and questioning about each new thing they get to know.

After the introduction, I explained about the technologies used to create and develop the Web. HTML, CSS and JavaScript. First they were taught, how to make a simple web page using basic HTML tags. People were very exited after watching a few lines of code made up of tags and attributes can result in a webpage. Some of the students also tried to make there own webpages with HTML.

After which they were briefly explained about CSS and JavaScript and there use in making a responsive web page. Students were amassed after actually seeing how a web page or website work.

At last a quick revision test wad taken where most of the students gave an appreciable performance. The students with most correct answers was presented some goodies.

All students were motivated to get into the stream of computer science and make contributions to the opensource community.

Finally we had snacks, clicked photos and said goodbye to all the enthusiast. It feels good, when you gave something to someone and in return you get a lot of happiness and motivation to do more.


Events Clicks: Flickr


Firefox Hindi Download Campaign. “हिन्दी की दिशा में एक और कदम”

There’s a saying in Hindi “राष्ट्रभाषा के बिना राष्ट्र गूंगा है ” – महात्मा गांधी 


So, on the very morning of 16th Oct, we decided to organised a Hindi download campaign of Firefox browser and Firefox for android in support of the national language of India, At Truba Firefox Club. My team and I prepared the lab and also the WiFi connectivity around the lab and started the event.

Initially , I started by a brief introduction of Mozilla to the audience , its mission and motive, and various project Mozilla is working on. Then People get to know about the community and ho to get involved.

The main points discussed were:

  • Mozilla
  • Projects and products of Mozilla
  • Mozilla Community
  • Firefox in localized language
  • Firefox Student Ambassador
  • Community involvement

After which we started downloading Firefox Hindi and also Firefox for Android in the back end, And parallel , people got themselves registered for the FSA program. And as expected we accomplished the target of a 100 downloads all together (FX Hindi and FX Android) And recruited more than 30 FSAs .

Also added the most enthusiast people from them to the core team of Truba Firefox club

At last, we had a great event, and we expect the newly joined people will make a difference and will support the open web.

Photos of the Event: Flickr

Soldiers of the Army of Awesome.


Army of Awesome is one of the best contributing platform by Mozilla for the people who have a passion to help people. Being a mozillian, and a SUMO contributor I’ve experienced several ways to answer the same problems through it.

I started contributing in AOA since the last week of August . I started answering the basic issues related to the craches and lagging, getting started with firefox , community involvement and other topics.  On a regular basis, I tweeted about 10 to 20 tweets per day .

About 3 to 4 days of joining the AOA , I got the 2015 Army of Awesome Badge on contributing more than 50 tweets.


Since then I’m contributing regularly with dedication and aiming to be the top contributor of AOA. I’ve reached about more than 400 contributions and also on the fourth position.


At last , Battlefield is set , Tweets have arrived , Over-n-Out ….



There is a saying “The world is a book. The one who do not travel , read only one page.

The love of traveling doubles when you contribute to an awesome foundation while traveling , Mozilla.

I’ve been using Stumbler since one or two months and amazingly it has motivated me to travel places. Just open the Stumbler app , start scanning and your ready to go. It automatically scans WiFi and cell devices and we get points for the distance we travel. Its that simple

Since I’ve started using stumbler, I’ve reached till 7362 points and currently on the 2794th position on the leader-board till date. And hope to reach a higher position at the end of month. There are many campaigns run by the Mozilla community in which the points recorded are considered and the winner gets nice swag. 


So at the end, travel and stumble as much as possible because if time never stops so why us.

Maker Party @ TRUBA , Bhopal

DSC_0027 (3)

A bright day with the rainy weather . We were planing for the event to be held today. All the club members of Truba Firefox Club were excited for the event Maker Party. The attendees were also as excited as were the members. And i as the club lead was double excited from all.

The event started at 11 AM  and our local Mozilla Rep, Mr. Rahul Talreja and Mr. Vaibhav Bajaj arrived. We started with a quick introduction of Mozilla , its mission and how to contribute to Mozilla. People were given a review of HTML 5,CSS,JavaScript and learned how to make simple web applications using basic HTML tags and styling. People learned to use the correct use of these technologies and got prepared for making web applications.

After the HTML session, we moved towords app making through the same technologies. We started making apps using the Simulator 2.0 . Rahul sir, after explaining the concepts asked people to make there own apps using there imagination and after which we got many ideas and apps which were appreciated by all.

Next session was of Bugzilla and GitHub. These two things were pretty new for some attendees and was equally exciting. People were taught , how to use GitHub and Bugzilla for collaborating and contributing to the Mozilla project.

After completing the sessions and closing the event , we took a group photograph, distributed swags and informed people how to join the Club and become a FSA. We recruited 15 FSA. The most important moment for me was when our Director sir apprecated me and congratulate all the members who were involved. Lastly we thanked our speakers Rahul Talreja sir and Vaibhav Bajaj sir for there appreciable work.

DSC_0027 (11)

Pictures of the event can be found on //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js“>Flickr

FSA Meetup , Bhopal

A meetup was organised by Rahul Talreja sir and Aditya Shah of Mozilla Community Bhopal on a very pleasant and warm day on 9 Aug , Sunday. As it was scheduled at 12:30 PM , I with two of my seniors left at 12:00 from our home. Basically the exact location was not known and to insure we reach on time we left early. While searching Google Maps helped us to reach at the exact location.

We reached on time and took seats. We were the first to reach there and after a while people started to gather and there were about 15 to 20 attendees before starting the meetup. We all sat in a room and the Rahul sir arrived and started to explain the agenda of the meetup.

He started with the agenda , about what we are going to learn and what will be our future pathways of contribution to the Mozilla foundation. He introduced us Mozilla and its hierarchical model of contributors , volunteers and representatives who contributes to the Mozilla foundation and helps making it a boon to the internet.

In his further slides , we get to know about how we as FSA, Mozillians or volunteers , can contribute to the Mozilla project. There were many pathways to consider on the basis of interest of the person.

There were many ways to contribute like:

  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Helping
  • Geo-Stumbling (using Stumbler)
  • Localisation (Translation)  etc.

I personally liked the writing, teaching, coding and Geo-Stumbling sections because they lies in my domain.

There was a preview of the WoMoz program which was a one of kind program to involve more women to the virtual world and have more numbers of female web literates. It is a revolutionary effort from Mozilla to empower women and help them to compete with the emerging world.

As the event was warping up , Rahul sir asked everyone to contribute something to Mozilla in any way explained above and post it to the event Facebook page. This Meetup really proved to very helpful to me and I hope for everyone who attended .

After the meetup we had some snacks and then a group photograph of all the attendees . Really enjoyed the session and learned many things with this meetup.

Pictures of the meet can be seen Here : Flickr