Maker Party @ TRUBA , Bhopal

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A bright day with the rainy weather . We were planing for the event to be held today. All the club members of Truba Firefox Club were excited for the event Maker Party. The attendees were also as excited as were the members. And i as the club lead was double excited from all.

The event started at 11 AM  and our local Mozilla Rep, Mr. Rahul Talreja and Mr. Vaibhav Bajaj arrived. We started with a quick introduction of Mozilla , its mission and how to contribute to Mozilla. People were given a review of HTML 5,CSS,JavaScript and learned how to make simple web applications using basic HTML tags and styling. People learned to use the correct use of these technologies and got prepared for making web applications.

After the HTML session, we moved towords app making through the same technologies. We started making apps using the Simulator 2.0 . Rahul sir, after explaining the concepts asked people to make there own apps using there imagination and after which we got many ideas and apps which were appreciated by all.

Next session was of Bugzilla and GitHub. These two things were pretty new for some attendees and was equally exciting. People were taught , how to use GitHub and Bugzilla for collaborating and contributing to the Mozilla project.

After completing the sessions and closing the event , we took a group photograph, distributed swags and informed people how to join the Club and become a FSA. We recruited 15 FSA. The most important moment for me was when our Director sir apprecated me and congratulate all the members who were involved. Lastly we thanked our speakers Rahul Talreja sir and Vaibhav Bajaj sir for there appreciable work.

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Pictures of the event can be found on //“>Flickr


FSA Meetup , Bhopal

A meetup was organised by Rahul Talreja sir and Aditya Shah of Mozilla Community Bhopal on a very pleasant and warm day on 9 Aug , Sunday. As it was scheduled at 12:30 PM , I with two of my seniors left at 12:00 from our home. Basically the exact location was not known and to insure we reach on time we left early. While searching Google Maps helped us to reach at the exact location.

We reached on time and took seats. We were the first to reach there and after a while people started to gather and there were about 15 to 20 attendees before starting the meetup. We all sat in a room and the Rahul sir arrived and started to explain the agenda of the meetup.

He started with the agenda , about what we are going to learn and what will be our future pathways of contribution to the Mozilla foundation. He introduced us Mozilla and its hierarchical model of contributors , volunteers and representatives who contributes to the Mozilla foundation and helps making it a boon to the internet.

In his further slides , we get to know about how we as FSA, Mozillians or volunteers , can contribute to the Mozilla project. There were many pathways to consider on the basis of interest of the person.

There were many ways to contribute like:

  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Helping
  • Geo-Stumbling (using Stumbler)
  • Localisation (Translation)  etc.

I personally liked the writing, teaching, coding and Geo-Stumbling sections because they lies in my domain.

There was a preview of the WoMoz program which was a one of kind program to involve more women to the virtual world and have more numbers of female web literates. It is a revolutionary effort from Mozilla to empower women and help them to compete with the emerging world.

As the event was warping up , Rahul sir asked everyone to contribute something to Mozilla in any way explained above and post it to the event Facebook page. This Meetup really proved to very helpful to me and I hope for everyone who attended .

After the meetup we had some snacks and then a group photograph of all the attendees . Really enjoyed the session and learned many things with this meetup.

Pictures of the meet can be seen Here : Flickr

Firefox Student Ambassador Experience


Attending student life without any community involvement and fun is simply like a blank page. Blending with the Mozilla MP community just changed the behavior and helped increasing the enthusiasm in me.

My FSA time started with the names I kept hearing every time I talked about Firefox or Mozilla. Completing my first year at Truba Bhopal,  I involved myself under serious Google search about Mozilla and its programs related to students. There i found a term Student Ambassador wiki page. A whole lot of things were there to join the Mozilla community.

I joined the FSA program and earned the beginners guide badge. Later I applied for CLT (Club Lead Training) and surprisingly I became the club lead of Truba Firefox Club, Bhopal. This moment was surprising because I was the only one who was a FSA from by batch then.

Then I communicated with the Mozilla MP community at Bhopal and met Mr. Rahul Talreja , a Mozilla rep from Bhopal, in a meetup. He guided me regarding FSA , Contribution paths , and events conducted by the FSAs.

We hosted our first event , a Make Party at Truba, Bhopal which gave me an experience which encouraged me to host the events, contribute to mozilla and get more involved with the Mozilla Community.

Well , this is the starting. Nobody knows how far we can go . The sky is the limit.