FSA Meetup , Bhopal

A meetup was organised by Rahul Talreja sir and Aditya Shah of Mozilla Community Bhopal on a very pleasant and warm day on 9 Aug , Sunday. As it was scheduled at 12:30 PM , I with two of my seniors left at 12:00 from our home. Basically the exact location was not known and to insure we reach on time we left early. While searching Google Maps helped us to reach at the exact location.

We reached on time and took seats. We were the first to reach there and after a while people started to gather and there were about 15 to 20 attendees before starting the meetup. We all sat in a room and the Rahul sir arrived and started to explain the agenda of the meetup.

He started with the agenda , about what we are going to learn and what will be our future pathways of contribution to the Mozilla foundation. He introduced us Mozilla and its hierarchical model of contributors , volunteers and representatives who contributes to the Mozilla foundation and helps making it a boon to the internet.

In his further slides , we get to know about how we as FSA, Mozillians or volunteers , can contribute to the Mozilla project. There were many pathways to consider on the basis of interest of the person.

There were many ways to contribute like:

  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Helping
  • Geo-Stumbling (using Stumbler)
  • Localisation (Translation)  etc.

I personally liked the writing, teaching, coding and Geo-Stumbling sections because they lies in my domain.

There was a preview of the WoMoz program which was a one of kind program to involve more women to the virtual world and have more numbers of female web literates. It is a revolutionary effort from Mozilla to empower women and help them to compete with the emerging world.

As the event was warping up , Rahul sir asked everyone to contribute something to Mozilla in any way explained above and post it to the event Facebook page. This Meetup really proved to very helpful to me and I hope for everyone who attended .

After the meetup we had some snacks and then a group photograph of all the attendees . Really enjoyed the session and learned many things with this meetup.

Pictures of the meet can be seen Here : Flickr


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