Maker Party @ TRUBA , Bhopal

DSC_0027 (3)

A bright day with the rainy weather . We were planing for the event to be held today. All the club members of Truba Firefox Club were excited for the event Maker Party. The attendees were also as excited as were the members. And i as the club lead was double excited from all.

The event started at 11 AM  and our local Mozilla Rep, Mr. Rahul Talreja and Mr. Vaibhav Bajaj arrived. We started with a quick introduction of Mozilla , its mission and how to contribute to Mozilla. People were given a review of HTML 5,CSS,JavaScript and learned how to make simple web applications using basic HTML tags and styling. People learned to use the correct use of these technologies and got prepared for making web applications.

After the HTML session, we moved towords app making through the same technologies. We started making apps using the Simulator 2.0 . Rahul sir, after explaining the concepts asked people to make there own apps using there imagination and after which we got many ideas and apps which were appreciated by all.

Next session was of Bugzilla and GitHub. These two things were pretty new for some attendees and was equally exciting. People were taught , how to use GitHub and Bugzilla for collaborating and contributing to the Mozilla project.

After completing the sessions and closing the event , we took a group photograph, distributed swags and informed people how to join the Club and become a FSA. We recruited 15 FSA. The most important moment for me was when our Director sir apprecated me and congratulate all the members who were involved. Lastly we thanked our speakers Rahul Talreja sir and Vaibhav Bajaj sir for there appreciable work.

DSC_0027 (11)

Pictures of the event can be found on //“>Flickr


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