Firefox Hindi Download Campaign. “हिन्दी की दिशा में एक और कदम”

There’s a saying in Hindi “राष्ट्रभाषा के बिना राष्ट्र गूंगा है ” – महात्मा गांधी 


So, on the very morning of 16th Oct, we decided to organised a Hindi download campaign of Firefox browser and Firefox for android in support of the national language of India, At Truba Firefox Club. My team and I prepared the lab and also the WiFi connectivity around the lab and started the event.

Initially , I started by a brief introduction of Mozilla to the audience , its mission and motive, and various project Mozilla is working on. Then People get to know about the community and ho to get involved.

The main points discussed were:

  • Mozilla
  • Projects and products of Mozilla
  • Mozilla Community
  • Firefox in localized language
  • Firefox Student Ambassador
  • Community involvement

After which we started downloading Firefox Hindi and also Firefox for Android in the back end, And parallel , people got themselves registered for the FSA program. And as expected we accomplished the target of a 100 downloads all together (FX Hindi and FX Android) And recruited more than 30 FSAs .

Also added the most enthusiast people from them to the core team of Truba Firefox club

At last, we had a great event, and we expect the newly joined people will make a difference and will support the open web.

Photos of the Event: Flickr


Soldiers of the Army of Awesome.


Army of Awesome is one of the best contributing platform by Mozilla for the people who have a passion to help people. Being a mozillian, and a SUMO contributor I’ve experienced several ways to answer the same problems through it.

I started contributing in AOA since the last week of August . I started answering the basic issues related to the craches and lagging, getting started with firefox , community involvement and other topics.  On a regular basis, I tweeted about 10 to 20 tweets per day .

About 3 to 4 days of joining the AOA , I got the 2015 Army of Awesome Badge on contributing more than 50 tweets.


Since then I’m contributing regularly with dedication and aiming to be the top contributor of AOA. I’ve reached about more than 400 contributions and also on the fourth position.


At last , Battlefield is set , Tweets have arrived , Over-n-Out ….