Firefox Hindi Download Campaign. “हिन्दी की दिशा में एक और कदम”

There’s a saying in Hindi “राष्ट्रभाषा के बिना राष्ट्र गूंगा है ” – महात्मा गांधी 


So, on the very morning of 16th Oct, we decided to organised a Hindi download campaign of Firefox browser and Firefox for android in support of the national language of India, At Truba Firefox Club. My team and I prepared the lab and also the WiFi connectivity around the lab and started the event.

Initially , I started by a brief introduction of Mozilla to the audience , its mission and motive, and various project Mozilla is working on. Then People get to know about the community and ho to get involved.

The main points discussed were:

  • Mozilla
  • Projects and products of Mozilla
  • Mozilla Community
  • Firefox in localized language
  • Firefox Student Ambassador
  • Community involvement

After which we started downloading Firefox Hindi and also Firefox for Android in the back end, And parallel , people got themselves registered for the FSA program. And as expected we accomplished the target of a 100 downloads all together (FX Hindi and FX Android) And recruited more than 30 FSAs .

Also added the most enthusiast people from them to the core team of Truba Firefox club

At last, we had a great event, and we expect the newly joined people will make a difference and will support the open web.

Photos of the Event: Flickr


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