#TeachTheWeb by Truba Firefox Club


I’ve heard somewhere that ” Educating a child is the best gift you can give to the society

On the day of 7 November, Me with my fellow teammates of Truba Firefox Club, went to a public co-ed school to #TeachTheWeb.

The school has very less computer and internet facilities and therefore there was very less knowledge of web and its uses. As we reached there and addressed the students, we got a great response full of enthusiasm.

We started with a brief introduction of internet and Mozilla, its mission and vision. Explained different projects lead by Mozilla and the Community. All students were equally responsive and questioning about each new thing they get to know.

After the introduction, I explained about the technologies used to create and develop the Web. HTML, CSS and JavaScript. First they were taught, how to make a simple web page using basic HTML tags. People were very exited after watching a few lines of code made up of tags and attributes can result in a webpage. Some of the students also tried to make there own webpages with HTML.

After which they were briefly explained about CSS and JavaScript and there use in making a responsive web page. Students were amassed after actually seeing how a web page or website work.

At last a quick revision test wad taken where most of the students gave an appreciable performance. The students with most correct answers was presented some goodies.

All students were motivated to get into the stream of computer science and make contributions to the opensource community.

Finally we had snacks, clicked photos and said goodbye to all the enthusiast. It feels good, when you gave something to someone and in return you get a lot of happiness and motivation to do more.


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