Privacy Month Meetup


” Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite. “
– Marlon Brando

The above thought by Actor Marlon Brando clearly signifies that privacy matters. And we, the people of virtual world need to priorities our privacy at the first place.

Following the privacy month campaign, an initiative by Mozilla India community to aware people about the importance of privacy and how to protect it.
We organized a Meetup “End of the year and Privacy month Meetup”.
Well, its a little late for organizing an end of the year Meetup because most of the people were busy with the university exams so we decided it to be organized at the end of January.

Firstly we discussed about the ongoing privacy campaign and the activities which were done throughout the month.

*Reaching out to schools to #TeachTheWeb

*Educate people about there. Online Privacy

*Help people to know how to be safe online

*And let people learn how can they improve there Internet experience.

Also, we all discussed about different organization who are taking measures to protect privacy like Mozilla (specially), duck duck go search engine , The Onion Router (Tor) project , etc.
These things were new to some people as well as some of us were already using these products.

Basically this Meetup was to discuss our future plans for Firefox clubs and activities and of-course spread knowledge about the importance of online privacy and how to save it, too students and common people. Also this Meetup was the source for making of WordPress community Bhopal, a community of people for an open source organization called WordPress foundation.

Club leads from different college of Bhopal gathered and discussed , how to increase community participation and build a productive community. This Meetup was also a great get together of club leads of different clubs and also developed a strong bonding between us.

We ended up with new decisions, new friends, new goals and new responsibilities ahead.