WordPress Awareness @ Truba


“The power of open source is the power of people. The people rule. “
Philippe Kahn

The quote by Philippe Kahn has always been an inspiration for me to contribute and spread awareness about open source.

On 29th April, me and my fellow club leads from different Firefox clubs and our local Take Back The Web team TFC Intimite gathered and hosted an event about Mozilla , Its mission and WordPress.

Vidit sharma ( FxLNCT ) initiated with the introduction to open source and Mozilla. Which was further extended with the introduction to FSA program and contribution areas.
After which I , Rishabh Chandrayan (TRUBA Fx, Lead “TFC Intimite”) started introducing WordPress the open source CMS. There were some people who were surprised to know that WordPress is way more exciting than what they used.
Carrying forward the pace, Aditya Shah (Fx Oriental) explained how to make basic websites using WordPress.org .He explained about creating and hosting the website for free without writing a single line of code. Throughout the workshop, all the team members of TFC Intimite helped all the students with there websites.

People were pretty amazed when they saw a website being build without any sort of coding and were equally excited to build one by themselves.
About 80 students attended the workshop and I bet all of them are more confident making websites of there own from then.

After the event we distributed some swag and clicked pictures. Unfortunately because of very low light we were unable to have enough photos but still…. the event rocked 😀 😛

So, at the end we finished with several websites built by attendees and loads of appreciation.

More photos can be found on Flickr