Hour Of Code – Bhopal , 2016


“Learning to speak the language of information gives you the power to transform the world.”

Peter Denning


The Hour Of Code kicked off with a series of events in Bhopal targeting students from schools to college.

Hour Of Code – HOC is an initiative taken by Hadi Partovi founder of Code.Org. It is organised every year during the Computer Science Education Week (5 – 10 Dec).

Code.org – An organization which initiated the HOC with the aim to spread Computer Science awareness among the students.

Day 1 / 9-12-16 

Organised at SIRTS, Bhopal. Where more than 70 students gathered to learn about coding.
Session was started with an introduction of HOC and Mozilla. Following with the presentation and a tutorial of Minecraft. People here were then taught basics of HTML and JavaScript demonstrating them about how to create a web page using these languages.

The event was started with an introduction by Srijan Tiwari, giving information about  what is coding and why its is important in the 21st century . Following the introduction, I gave a presentation on what is Hour Of Code, Code.org and Computer Science Education Week. A sneak peek  on Minecraft was also given. After which, Divyansh Batham taught basics of HTML and JS and explained how to create a simple web page. Following the tutorial, Mukesh Pathak explained the Minecraft tutorial to the students.

After the presentation and the tutorial, participants asked several doubts also responded our questions too. The event was wrapped up with swag distribution and a group photo.



Images: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3SN8S33GtbqN2UxTHdiMzJ4M0E


Day 2 / 10-12-16

Organised at St. John’s School, Bhopal. The audience consist of students from 5th to 8th grade. As the students were pretty new to computer science and coding, They were taught the very basics of programming. Students were given a basic idea of Open Source and Mozilla and its mission.

The Minecraft tutorial was demonstrated by the volunteers as its very simple and easy to understand by students. Students were equally responsive to the tutorials and the question followed up with it.

Team Hack for Bhopal played a key role in organizing the HOC in both the location. We served around 150 students in both the days. This also helped us to recruit some new Mozillians. At the end, it feels good to teach.


Images: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3SN8S33GtbqWVRDUzljWi1xTVk