Firefox Student Ambassador Experience


Attending student life without any community involvement and fun is simply like a blank page. Blending with the Mozilla MP community just changed the behavior and helped increasing the enthusiasm in me.

My FSA time started with the names I kept hearing every time I talked about Firefox or Mozilla. Completing my first year at Truba Bhopal,  I involved myself under serious Google search about Mozilla and its programs related to students. There i found a term Student Ambassador wiki page. A whole lot of things were there to join the Mozilla community.

I joined the FSA program and earned the beginners guide badge. Later I applied for CLT (Club Lead Training) and surprisingly I became the club lead of Truba Firefox Club, Bhopal. This moment was surprising because I was the only one who was a FSA from by batch then.

Then I communicated with the Mozilla MP community at Bhopal and met Mr. Rahul Talreja , a Mozilla rep from Bhopal, in a meetup. He guided me regarding FSA , Contribution paths , and events conducted by the FSAs.

We hosted our first event , a Make Party at Truba, Bhopal which gave me an experience which encouraged me to host the events, contribute to mozilla and get more involved with the Mozilla Community.

Well , this is the starting. Nobody knows how far we can go . The sky is the limit.