Web VR Camp, Truba


“Like the transition from sharing text to photos and now videos, virtual reality is the future”

Mark Zuckerberg

The WebVR Camp event was organised at Truba Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Bhopal.

Around 50 students participated.
Me, Kushaghra Varade, Mukesh Pathak and Amit Roy were the community members who were present there.
Kushaghra started the event with Introduction to Mozilla, the community Mozilla India, WebVR and A-Frame. After which, a sample code of a webpage was displayed to the students for the basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML tags before the hands-on. This gave students an idea about what they will be doing.

For the hands-on, firstly, students were asked to make a sample frame with their imagination. Some of them took reference of the aframe.io website while some tried more creative ideas. Some students who were completely new to the VR tech. were amazed on viewing frames created by them.

A short Q and A session was then held where students interacted with the speakers about the session and swags were distributed. Also students gave feedback for the event and it seems that they liked it. Many students approached personally to ask doubts or to give appreciation.

In a nutshell, the event was successful. The students learned new tech which not only they admire but were also motivated to contribute further in the project.

More pictures can be found on Drive